Turf Design has provided beautiful green lawns to hundreds of customers, from homeowners, to commercial sites and athletic fields. While we do not grow our own sod, we always utilize local sod farms. the sod raised on these farms is grown from an elite blend of seed which make the Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass and Buffalo grass we install more disease resistant, drought resistant and more tolerant to heavy traffic.
Erosion Control
Turf Design offers an array of erosion control services to help solve any problem. We currently offer hydro seeding, silt fence installation and removal, inlet protection and straw blowing.
Our professionals can sculpt existing surfaces to improve aesthetics and function, as well as eliminate drainage problems.
Aeration & Overseeding
Freshly aerated lawns provide an ideal environment for growing new grass seed. For best results, your lawn should be aerated and seeded between September and November. This will allow the new seed time to mature before the cold winter months and ensure a thick, healthy lawn the following spring.