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Mow & Trim
Turf Design’s mow crews have an attention to detail unequaled by any competitor as we focus on catering our services to the customer’s specifications. We mow residential homes, field mowing/brush hogging, small to large commercial properties, including Home Owner Associations. Our competitive mow prices INCLUDE string trimming/edging and blowing down hard surfaces to remove all grass clippings. Weather permitting, we try to schedule our customers on the same mow each week. Typically we mow 32 times throughout the year starting in March and ending in October.
Turf Leaf Removal
Turf Leaf Removal is provided to remove excess leaves that can restrict sunlight, nutrients and water from reaching your lawn. Utilizing this option prevents your lawn from suffering from disease, insects and overall stress. This service offers a complete leaf removal either throughout the fall, or one complete clean-up once all leaves have fallen.
Dormant Prune
Turf Design offers pruning services from February thru April during dormancy. Our knowledge of pant material is a prerequisite in determining which plants benefit from this type of pruning. Dormant pruning is necessary for removing insects overwintering in certain shrubs. A well manicured landscape is the result of dormant prune of ornamental grasses and the floriferous of blooming shrubs. Selective and directional pruning of shrubs to provide better form, scale, shape and to rejuvenate older plants.
Mechanical Edge
Turf Design offers the mechanical edge service to create a crisp line along curb and edge lines. The mechanical edge service is offered throughout the year.
Spring Cleanup
Our Spring Cleanup provides the removal of collected debris through the winter months, early weed growth, preparation for fertilizer application and pre-emergent. Remove remaining annuals, cutting back perennials to encourage spring growth and to prepare for mulch application.
Ornamental Leaf Removal
Turf Design offers the removal of leaves and debris from ornamental beds several times from October through November.
Bed & Ornamental Maintenance
We offer regular bi-weekly inspections of landscape beds for disease and insects. This service includes the removal of weeds or invasive plants and the removal of spent blooms from perennials, annuals and certain shrubs to encourage additional flowering. Turf Design also prunes and removes the root suckers or ornamental trees.
Fall Cleanup
Our ornamental specialists prepare ornamental beds for winter by cutting back certain perennials, pruning certain shrubs and removing spent annuals. The timing of these services is dependent on the weather (hard freeze).
Summer Prune
Our Summer Prune services applies to actively growing deciduous and evergreen shrubs that did not benefit from a dormant prune due to their bloom time and growth attributes. Turf Design professionals shear certain plants for a manicured affect and remove any growth inhibiting pedestrian factors (off sidewalks). The number of times summer pruning should occur is dependent on the amount of precipitation and temperatures.