Landscape Design & Installation
Turf Design will design and install the landscape of your choice, whether your taste includes the formal, manicured look of and estate garden, the whimsical color of an English cottage garden, the peaceful tranquility of an oriental Zen retreat or any other landscape specific to your tastes. Our qualified and professional designers will take into account your personal taste as well as the architecture of your home and the prevailing look and feel of the community.
Seasonal Color
Turf Desgin offers seasonal color in the spring, summer and fall to help brighten up any landscape. Our landscape designers will help choose the perfect color palette to correspond with any landscape for each particular season.
Our landscape designers specialize in raingarden design to help catch and disperse storm water runoff back into the ecosystem. Turf Design takes great pride in helping clients ‘go green’ and offer a variety of raingarden solutions.
Bio Retention Ponds
Bio retention areas are landscaping features adapted to treat storm water runoff on a development site. They are commonly located in parking lot islands or within small pockets in residential land uses. Surface runoff is directed into shallow, landscaped depressions. These depressions are designed to incorporate many of the pollutant removal mechanisms that operate in forested ecosystems.
Tree Pruning, Trimming & Removal
Turf Design’s certified arborist will help with any tree pruning, trimming or removal needs.
Mulch Application
Turf Desgin provides mulching services throughout the year to help provide a variety of beneficial gardening results. Mulch can limit weeds, conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature, decrease soil compaction and may also reduce the spread of some soil-born diseases. Our mulching materials are organic, which over time, will help build a better soil structure that pays off in healthy, vigorous plants that may be better able to live with insect and disease infestations.
Native Prairie Restorations
Turf Design believes in restoring and maintaining the natural Midwest environment with our rolling prairies and woodlands. We design, install and maintain all of our native plant landscapes.
Landscape Lighting
Turf Design specializes in low voltage landscape solutions. These lighting systems are safe, economical, energy efficient and provide numerous benefits.