Turf Fertilization
Lawn fertilization helps to promote healthy grass, eliminate weeds, and control insects and disease. Properly feeding your lawn with the nutrients it needs means you never have to worry about when and how to fertilize. With a strong root system your lawn remains healthy and thick all year long. Throughout the year, Turf Design will treat your lawn with several different fertilization applications. Each individual fertilization program will be dependent upon your turf type including fescue, bluegrass, and buffalo.
Ornamental Fertilization
Our ornamental fertilization service applies granular fertilizer to plant material in ornamental beds. This service encourages lush growth, greater length of blooming periods and healthier and stronger plants. The formulation and timing of our fertilizer application is dependent on the season. Normally, two applications are provided, once in April and once in June.
Turf Chemicals
In order to maintain a luscious green lawn free from unwanted weeds, crabgrass, diseases and fungus. Turf Design offers a full Turf Application Program consisting of 6 main applications that cover fertilizers and weed control. Optional applications include spraying for grubs, fungus and nutgrass. Each chemical programs designed by our certified turf technicians, specifically cater to your particular type of turf including fescue, bluegrass and buffalo.
Ornamental Pesticide
Turf Design’s certified applicators will apply pesticide, herbicide (per-emergent/post-emergent) and fungicide to provide longevity of healthy plants and their appearance in the landscape. This service is dependent on environmental factors which dictate the timing and rate of applications.