Our Certifications


-Kansas Certified Nurseryman
-Certified Kansas Arborist
-Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator
-American Backflow Prevention Certification

Doing it Right

We invest in our employees by requiring each member of the staff to attend a ten hour OSHA Safety Course. We have developed a safety culture to ensure that the well being of our employees and those working with them is our number one priority. We have also instituted a fleet safety program for vehicle maintenance and safe operation of company equipment. Our Safety Director has over twenty-five years of experience in construction safety and works closely with the entire Turf Design team.

If you are interested in joining our team of certified professional landscapers, follow the link below.

Industry Involvement

Hort NetWORK
Kansas Nursery & Landscape Association
Kansas Arborist Association
International Society of Aboriculture
American Backflow Prevention Association
Kansas Department of Agriculture